Organic Solutions

Organic or natural products that we usually carry

Why Use Organics?

We truly believe that ‘going organic’ should be everyone’s default mode when gardening. (Or anything else for that matter). There is a place for chemical controls, but they should be treated similarly to prescription medicines. Only used when absolutely necessary. Natural products, when used in conjunction with nutrition, your own body’s or your garden’s soil, will keep your plants, our insects and animals, and our planet, happy and in balance nearly all the time. That’s why, when you come to us with a disease or insect problem, we are going to ask you about the conditions the plant is growing in, so we can fix the cause of the problem first, and hopefully avoid ‘treatment’ at all. If necessary, we go to natural and organic solutions first, as they usually cause less collateral damage in use and in manufacturing. Any product should be used only when necessary and not ‘just in case’. This is especially true with lawn care. We are proud to carry organic lawn care products that will keep your lawn healthy, but we want everyone to know that biodiversity is key in the health of every ecosystem and that includes your lawn. This means, please welcome some different species than ‘grass’. We may call them weeds, but most of them are meant to be here, while ‘grass’ is meant to grow in England, where limestone is the bedrock of the country. (Are you liming your lawn every year to mimic England? We thought so.)


We will continue to educate ourselves and our community of customers on organic and natural gardening practices, while providing as many organic (certified or not) plants, and natural and organic fertilizers and controls as we think are useful. We also try to provide many options for locally grown and native plants as we can. This helps by reducing shipping and therefore uses less fossil fuels (as well as supporting local farmers), and native plants are hardier than others and will require fewer, if any, fertilizers or insect or disease controls.

Call or stop in to make sure what you want is in stock.

Some of our Products


Fox Farm - Variety of Fertilizers, liquid and granular (& soils too)
Jonathan Green - Lawn Care Program
Neptune - Liquid Fish Fertilizer concentrate
Espoma Fertilizers
Powdered Compost Tea
 - Easy to use ‘tea bags’ to use in a watering can.

Glenwild Garden Center Organic Solutions Fertilizer


Corn Gluten - Prevents seed germination naturally
Burn Out

Animal Repellents

Liquid Fence - All around great deer & rabbit repellent
Repels - All Groundhogs!
Coyote Urine - Repels rabbits, groundhogs, etc
Shake Away - Granules, small animal repellent
Mole-Med - Castor oil, gives moles diarrhea so they leave, doesn’t kill them
Repellex - Deer, rabbit–mostly dried blood
Hot Pepper Wax - Capsaicin (cayenne)–variety of animals
Copper Tape - Repels slugs
Sluggo - Granular iron phosphate, replaces Bug-geta
Pharm Solutions Deer Pharm - Liquid spray bottle
Deer Scram - Granular deer repellent—awesome!
Critter Ridder - Granular

Disease Control

Actinovate - May help in preventing Late Blight and lawn fungi
Safer Moss & Algae - Potassium salts of fatty acids
Pharm Solutions - Variety of products
Serenade - Spray bottle, for almost 20 different mildews, rusts, bacterial diseases, etc., OMRI listed

Pesticides & Insect Repellents

Safer Insecticidal Soap - Potassium salts of fatty acids–contact killer–good all-around bug spray
Hot Pepper Wax - For insects–contact killer and preventative.
Milky Spore - Powder–spore infects grubs, For use on lawns to get rid of grubs, which are the larvae of the Japanese Beetle. Lasts about 17 years, works better with large infestation. Replaces Grub-Ex.
Concern Citrus Home Pest Control - Spray bottle, contact and preventative
Tick Solutions - Hose sprayer for lawns
Pharm Solutions - Variety of products
Diatomaceous Earth - Powder, works by desiccating insect bodies. Sprinkle perimeter of house, around plants for slug problem, puff into carpenter bee holes. Replaces Orthonex, Diazinon
K-Neem - A natural oil that kills bugs on contact

Coast of Maine Soil Products

Bar Harbor Blend - Premium Potting Soil
Quoddy Blend–Lobster Compost - Perfect for tomatoes, lilacs, roses.
Penobscot Blend Compost Mix - The best compost in a bag!–approved for organic gardens
Dark Bark Mulch - Dark chocolate brown, medium textured mulch, the best mulch around for shrub beds
Fundy Blend Mulch with Seaweed - Composting Mulch. Fine textured, absolutely beautiful for annual and perennial gardens, as well as containers.
Worm Castings - The best additive to your lawn, vegetable garden, flower beds, etc

Composting Products

Bio Bags - Biodegradable bags for crocks in your kitchen
Compost Crocks -
Compost Activators -
Composters -

Glenwild Garden Center & Nursery

Other Natural or Organic Products

We have many other natural or organic products like biodegradable pots, pots made from recycled materials, seeds, vegetable seedlings, herbs & more.



lf you notice any problems or have any questions, please give us a call, or come in and talk with any of our qualified staff.