Issue 297 January 24, 2022

Hi Everyone,
I hope your January has been healthy and fulfilling. We’ve been very busy here packing Christmas away, finishing up the new room, and doing LOTS of spring planning and purchasing! Right now we’re bringing in fresh houseplants nearly every week, and the seeds and seed starting supplies are starting to arrive. Due to the supply chain issues (oh my gosh I’m SO tired of that phrase!), there are a few things that have yet to arrive, though more and more show up every week. We are working on a class schedule for this year, and looking forward to a somewhat back-to-normal type of format. Yay! Check out below to see what’s in and what’s on sale .
Up to 50% off
  • Fire Pits & Fireplace Accessories
  • Large Glazed Pottery
  • Select Gift Items
  • Firewood & Fatwood
  • Bird Feeders & Seed
  • Houseplants & Fertilizers
  • Potting Soils
  • Pottery
  • Valentine’s Day gifts
  • Seeds & Seed Starting Supplies
  • Snow Shovels & Ice Melt