Issue 294 November 24, 2021

Issue 294 November 24, 2021
We hope you all have a peaceful and plentiful Thanksgiving. We are closed on Thursday, and will see you again Friday morning at 9.
We have a beautiful selection of fresh greens, poinsettias & more!
However, I’m sure you’ve all been hearing about supply chain issues. Though our truckload of Douglas Firs just arrived, we’ve had a bit of a delay getting our cut Balsam and Fraser Christmas trees from Canada, though we should have most ready for you by Saturday. We’re expecting a full tractor trailer truck with the majority of the trees on Friday, but it takes a full day to unload them, and then even more time to unwrap them all. We do now also have a wonderful selection of live trees that can be planted after the holidays, and we have lots of other greenery to get you started decorating. Our busy elves have been making beautiful grave blankets and wreaths, and our greenhouse and Christmas Shop are open! Thank you so much for your patience & understanding.
Dogwood ‘Drupes’
& a Cedar Waxwing eating one.
Why we plant native species
My native dogwood (a cultivar-can’t remember which one) is COVERED in the little red berries called ‘drupes’, and they’re being eaten by 5 Cedar Wax Wings, 2 Blue Birds (!), a bunch of Robins, and a Cardinal couple this morning! I haven’t seen Cedar Wax Wings or Blue birds in a few years and I’m thrilled!
This is why we plant native plants! (Some cultivars count-it’s complicated) 🙂
November Hours & Procedures:
Closed Thanksgiving Day
Friday (11/26) 9-6, Saturday 9-6, Sunday 10-5
Rest of Season:
Monday-Thursday 9-6, Friday 9-7 Saturday 9-6, Sunday 10-5
Our first priority is the health of our customers & staff.
We have some fans going & doors cracked open as much as possible for fresh air.
Masks are recommended indoors for all.
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