Plant and Gardening Links

Glenwild Garden Center & Nursery

Great sites we use and recommend.

Peace Tree Farms

Our main supplier of certified organic herbs and veggie plants. They also bring us our Hort Couture plants, heirloom begonias and lots of funky stuff.

Sustainable West Milford

A great group the next town over. Check this out!

Midsummer Farm

You have to visit Barbara and Mark Laino’s wonderful organic farm in Warwick, NY. Take a look at this wonderful website, sign up for Barbara’s newsletter, and go visit! We are going to be selling certified organic vegetable and herb seedlings from Midsummer this year. A great group the next town over. Check this out!

NJNLA - New Jersey Nursery & Landscape Association

The New Jersey Nursery and Landscape Association is the trade organization representing professionals in all segments of the nursery and landscape industry. They are dedicated to enhancing the regulatory and business environment of their members by protecting their interests, increasing their knowledge and promoting their image as stewards of the environment and providers of quality products and professional service.

Garden Rant

Love this site! One of the best gardening blogs around. Real Gardeners. Wish I could meet these women and party in the garden with them.

American Beauties

A great resource about planting native plants and supporting our pollinators. We sell this brand of plants, and they have very helpful information on their site and we have flyers in the store to help you choose the best pollinator plants for your garden.

Andre’s Restaurant

Chef Andre de Waal teaches has been teaching cooking classes at the garden center for a few years and the groups are pleased as punch. In a quote from their website… “André’s Restaurant and Wine Boutique located in historic downtown Newton, New Jersey is no longer Sussex County’s biggest secret. The word is out and Andre’s has become an important destination restaurant.”

Well Sweep Herb Farm

Somehow I have yet to visit this seemingly beautiful farm in Port Murray NJ, but I’ve been getting their newsletter and catalogue for years. Check out their website, which lists the incredible number of herbs and perennials they grow. Maybe we’ll plan a trip for a group to go visit soon.

Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey

This group will be, I hope, a household name in the years to come. From their website: “…a catalyst in the development of a sustainable organic agricultural system; educates diverse audiences about the significance and meaning of organic practices for food and the environment…” If you are at all interested in sustainable living, please visit this website.

Plant Health Alternatives

Dr. Jim Conroy & Basia Alexander have holistic, practical solutions to your plant’s ill health. Check them out–it’s fascinating.

Native Plant Society of New Jersey

The Native Plant Society of New Jersey is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to the appreciation, protection, and study of the native flora of New Jersey.

Growing For You

A website specifically designed for gardeners in the Mid-Atlantic. Design ideas, perennial lists. Definitely check it out! A great resource.

Wise Woman Healing Ways

Robin Rose Bennett is a writer, green witch, an herbalist, a wisewoman… one who loves the earth and gives voice to the healing wild food and medicine plants which surround us and a teacher of WiseWoman Healing Ways of Herbal Medicine and EarthSpirit teachings.

Clematis on the Web

How many times have you wondered what clematis you have or what pruning group your clematis belongs to? This is our favorite site for clematis research. Go to the search page, enter a few known things about your clematis–like what color it is and when it blooms–and it will give you all the information you need about it. It’s extremely thorough, readable, and has great photos.

Degage Gardens

Anne Giller’s Local Organic Farm

Herbal Arts Apothecary

Herbal Arts Society Morrie Shafer has been teaching herbal medicine classes at the garden center for a few years now. Her classes are fun and very valuable. Check out her site!