October Gardening Tips

Fall is for Planting: October Gardening Tips

October is a great time to plant shrubs and trees. There is still plenty of time for them to get established before the ground freezes (which is now usually late November). The cooler, and usually wetter weather help to get them established without heat and drought stress. Even the stress of winter is generally not as tough on them as summer. Our fall nursery sale makes now an even better time to plant! 

If you need advice, please come in and speak with one of our knowledgeable nursery people for some inspiration. We’re always happy to help.


Fall Gardening Tips:

  • There is still time to seed your lawn, as well put down “Love Your Soil,” Mag-i-cal (lime), or other fall fertilizers by Jonathan Green—Especially the organic ones!! While you’re out there, consider cutting back on your lawn and putting in some native plants.
  • Check out this article: Five reasons why it’s best to seed in fall
  • Do you love daffodils & tulips that bloom in the spring? Now is the time to plant bulbs.
  • Let flowers that have gone to seed, stand. They provide food for the birds.
  • In certain areas, lay down a thin layer of mulch to neaten things up, and provide some protection for plants in winter. This can also help prevent erosion. Don’t mulch if you want annuals or perennials to reseed in an area—the mulch will inhibit seed germination in the spring.
  • In other areas, plan on not neatening up and leaving dead leaves so our dwindling insect populations have a place to over-winter. Even Lightening Bugs! This is very important for a healthy backyard ecosystem.
  • Plant perennials now too… We have a good selection (and they’re on sale!), and the soil temperatures are warm for awhile so perfect for planting.

By Glenwild Gardens