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2024 Shopping Update

  • During busy times, please remember there is EXTRA PARKING down the hill, or up the hill, past the front door. The road loops around the barn so you don't have to back up.
  • Propane filling procedures: Bring your tank to the door, or come and find us if you need help getting it out of your car.  Don't forget we check the expiration dates on all tanks. (They expire 12 years from the stamped date.)
  • Please leave your carts outdoors. Someone will write you a ticket to bring to the register, or you can come inside, let us know you have a cart, and look around while we write you up.

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Thank you for your constant support.  Thanks for your patience on busy days, or if we're out of the item you wanted, or if we just couldn't help you the way you wanted that day. We all genuinely want your experience here to be fun, peaceful, joyful, or even just gratifyingly efficient, and we are so grateful for all of you, our loyal customers. -Jodie, Brad, Alex, and our whole staff.

Glenwild Garden Center, located in Northern New Jersey, has been a family run business since 1928. The MacKenn family takes pride in every product ensuring high quality and personal, friendly service. We offer shrubs, trees, annuals, perennials, certified organic herbs and vegetable plants. We specialize in organic and natural plant and lawn care, though carry conventional controls as well. We are open year-round, our Holiday Shop is ready to go in November, selling fresh cut Christmas Trees, Poinsettias, Ornaments, etc.

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Tree & Shrub Nursery • Native & Organic Plants • Houseplants • Gardening Classes • Bulk & Bagged Stone, Mulch & Topsoil • Propane Tanks & Refilling • Locally Made Items • Firewood • Gift Shop & More!